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Services and Price List


 30 minutes    $  45
 60 minutes    $  75
 90 minutes    $ 110

Therapeutic Massage
Customized for your individual needs to help relax tight muscles and release specific areas of tension.

Sports Massage
Designed to realign, stretch, relieve sore muscles and aid in joint mobility and improved range of motion.

Reflexology Massage
Focused on the reflex points of the hands and feet that correspond to the internal organs.

Maternity Massage
Designed to ease the effects of a changing body.

Aromatherapy Massage
Add-on with any of the above  $ 10
Create your own unique massage oil using organic essential oils.

Thai Massage
Combined acupressure and assisted stretches to strengthen the immune system and balance life energy.  Performed on a mat, fully clothed, no oils.

LaStone Massage (100 min) $125
Created to balance the body and recharge the soul through the use of alternating temperatures of heated stones with chilled stones.

Personal Training

Initial Assessment/Consultation $ 85
Perform fitness tests to measure cardiorespiratory fitness, muscle strength, endurance, flexibility, and body fat.

Personal Training Session    $ 50/hr
One-on-one consultation services to assess, monitor, maintain, and enhance your physical fitness level.

Kinesio Taping Application
Rehabilitative taping provided to support, stabilize, and alleviate pain to muscles and joints without restricting the body's range of motion. Latex-free and usually stays on for days at a time.

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